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Wright's reaction becomes positive already from the first weeks of Pregabalin pills and can be used for diagnostic purposes throughout the acute period of the disease.

The essence of this reaction is that when Brucella antigens (special complexes located on the surface of bacteria) interact with specific antibodies, they precipitate. To carry out the reaction, a specially prepared suspension of antigens is placed in a test tube, after which a certain amount of the patient's serum is added to be examined. If there are antibodies against Brucella in the test serum (that is, if the patient's body has been in contact with these bacteria and his immune system has begun to fight against them), they will interact with antigens and precipitate, which will be seen when evaluating the results.

If there are no antibodies in the patient's blood, no reaction will occur.

In chronic brucellosis, the formation of so-called incomplete antibodies is possible, which are not detected by the agglutination reaction. However, these antibodies (which are immunoglobulins) are fixed on many cells of the human body, including red blood cells.


The essence of the Coombs reaction is the addition of specific reagents to the test blood that interact with incomplete antigens.

If there are any on the surfaces of red blood cells, red blood cells will stick together, that is, the reaction will be positive. Burne test. The essence of this test is as follows. The patient is injected intradermally with a very small dose of Lyrica pills antigens and the subsequent reaction is observed.

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If the patient has never been sick and is not sick with brucellosis, his immune system is not prepared to fight these antigens (it takes at least several weeks to produce specific antibodies).

There will be no pronounced reactions (perhaps a short and painless reddening of the skin in the injection area, which is a natural reaction of the body to a foreign substance). If the patient is infected with brucellosis, his immune system actively produces antibodies against the antigens of this pathogen.

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This test will be positive already 20 to 30 days after infection (when there may be no obvious clinical signs of the disease).

Intradermal administration of such antigens will cause a pronounced local allergic reaction, which will be manifested by redness, swelling and soreness topain at the injection site for 24-48 hours. Microbiological diagnosis of brucellosis. The essence of this study is to isolate pathogens from various biological tissues of the body (from the blood, from the punctates of the lymph nodes, from the cerebrospinal fluid, and so on). To identify Brucella, the test material is sown on special nutrient media and grown under special conditions for a long time.

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